Bantam Chickens

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No room for large chickens? Want something different that will make you smile? Look no further than bantams.

A bantam chicken is a miniature version of a regular chicken. They can vary from one half to two thirds the size of regular birds.

There are three types of Bantams:

  1. There are ‘true’ bantams; these have no large fowl counterpart. They are naturally occurring with no input from mankind. Breeds: Sultan, Sebright and Rosecomb.
  2. Miniaturized bantams – these were ‘made’ from a standard breed of choices such as Rhode Island Red and Lakenvelders
  3. Developed bantams – these are small breeds that have been further developed with some help from mankind. They have been around for so long that the origins are sketchy at best. Such breeds are Belgian, Pekin (Cochin) and Japanese.

Since they are small they have a higher metabolic rate, so several of these little birds do feel the cold more than larger hens.

Bantam eggs are of course, smaller than standard eggs; roughly half the size of standard eggs. The ratio for using them in cooking is 3 bantam eggs for every 2 standard eggs.

They are always interesting to watch, and with some varieties, you can have whole conversations with!

They are joyful, curious and entertaining creatures.