Indigenous breeds

Indigenous breeds are hardier than commercial breeds and therefore more suited for free-range production.

At Cape Chickens we offer Boschvelder and Potch Koekoek as indigenous breeds.

Various chicken breeds are available in South Africa, each with their own unique strengths and weaknesses. To select a breed, farmers should consider the way in which they will produce the birds, the target market and personal preferences. 

Commercial breeds are generally a better option in intensive production systems, whereas dual purpose or indigenous birds might be a better option in free-range or small-scale set-ups.

Heritage Chicken Breeds

Heritage chicken breeds are Dual Purpose chickens, producing lots of eggs and suitable for meat. They are well suited for backyard production systems.

At Cape Chickens we have Australorp, Buff Orpington, and Rhode Island Red as Heritage Dual Purpose Breeds.

Dual Purpose breeds are typically sourced from breeders when they are 18 weeks old. Each bird, depending on the line, has the potential to produce six to seven eggs a week from 18 weeks to 70 weeks of age. 

Bantam Chicken Breeds

A bantam chicken is a miniature version of a regular chicken. They can vary from one half to two thirds the size of regular birds.

At Cape Chickens we stock Lakenfelders, Senrights and Sultans

Bantam eggs are of course, smaller than standard eggs; roughly half the size of standard eggs. The ratio for using them in cooking is 3 bantam eggs for every 2 standard eggs.