Potch Koekoek

The Potchefstroom Koekoek is specifically suited for South African conditions. It is a truly indigenous South African bird with bright yellow yolks. It is a dual-purpose bird that is highly suited for free range conditions. It lays enough eggs and is also sufficiently broody.

The Potch Koekoek is a happy and active chicken, a great forager. It will scratch around and catch the worms and also eats a variety of greens. Thanks to their varied diets from intensive foraging, they produce some of the richest yolks-very delightful orange yolks.  They lay large brown-shelled eggs and their yellow meat is delicious! A study by FAO found that it performs better than all of the other indigenous chickens in South Africa. 

The breed was intended as a dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production.
One of the most popular free range combination meat & laying birds in South Africa! Outperforming the Ovambo, Venda and the naked neck chicken, when it comes to egg laying. Very hardy and easy to keep. If you need a good dual purpose chicken, the Potch Koekoek is probably the most economical choice.