White Sultan Bantams are very uncommon birds and are unusual in appearance. These bantams are small and Sultans are at the very height of ornamental oddity in the chicken world. Not only do they have a froofy cascade of feathers on top of their head, a V-shaped comb, muffs, a beard, and 5 toes instead of the usual 4, they’re even feather-footed! They’ve been chic ever since the sultans of the Ottoman Empire would keep them in their gardens.

 History: Although originating in southeastern Europe, Sultan Chickens became very popular in Turkey, where the breed was known as Serai Taook, which translates to ‘Poultry of the Palace’ or ‘Fowl of the Sultan.’ They first arrived in England in 1854 and were then simply called Sultans.

 Temperament: Sultans are impish and proud but are calm and non-aggressive. These birds are very domesticated and need some pampering. They make poor foragers and are well suited for confinement, although they do need very clean and tight housing to keep their abundant white feathering in good shape. White Sultan Bantams make nice pet chickens and do well mixed with Silkies.

The Sultan Chickens of Turkey were apparently raised for ornamental and pet reasons. They are considered garden ornaments and people have notated that Sultans do less damage to lawns than other breeds.