Dual Purpose Breeds


The Orpingtons are a heavy chicken breed that grows up to an average weight of 7-8 pounds for the female.

They are good layers but are mostly used as Broilers due to their amazing flavor and the tenderness of their meat. These birds have a short back with a curvy shape along with a U-shaped underline and a broad body.

While they’re not too big and grow at a slower rate, Orpingtons are great layers. They can lay up to 200 eggs per year.


Rhodes Island Red is another dual-purpose chicken that comes from the Heritage breeds. It is one of the best dual purpose chickens bred for both a lot of eggs they can lay within a year as well as for their large quantity of meat.

This cross- breed chicken species usually have a pale pink color and can lay up to 260 large brown eggs in a year.  They have a quick rate of growth and can start to lay eggs when they attain between 18 and 24 weeks of age.  At maturity, the males weigh 8.7 pounds whereas, the layers averagely, weigh 6.5 pounds.


The Austrolorp is a breed specializing in egg production and considered a true champion because one hen of this breed lay 364 eggs in 365 days.

The Black Austrolorp is however, also the best Dual-Purpose Breed.

The Australorp chickens are very active, having a rapid growth rate, starting to lay brown eggs since the 5thmonth.

They are suitable for growing in a sheltered enclosure, but they provide a higher egg production if they can walk freely in an open space.

These chickens are not good at flying, making it possible to grow them in an open space, not requiring high shelter.

Hens of this breed are quite resistant, easily passing over cold winters, without affecting their egg laying rate.


The Boschvelder chicken is very hardy and survives well on the veld and natural foods. It is only necessary to supplement a little food to what it picks up free ranging.

It withstands varied climatic conditions in South Africa and is also very disease tolerant.

Egg production is in the region of 240 eggs a year in spite of minimal feeding.

The Boschveld is an indigenous chicken and as yet is not presented at poultry shows. If you want a chicken that can take care of itself then this is your breed. Let it run around outside and you will be amazed at how little feed needs to be purchased.


The Potchefstroom Koekoek is specifically suited for South African conditions. It is a truly indigenous South African bird with bright yellow yolks. It is a dual-purpose bird that is highly suited for free range conditions. It lays enough eggs and is also sufficiently broody.

The Potch Koekoek is a happy and active chicken, a great forager. It will scratch around and catch the worms and also eats a variety of greens. Thanks to their varied diets from intensive foraging, they produce some of the richest yolks-very delightful orange yolks.  They lay large brown-shelled eggs and their yellow meat is delicious! A study by FAO found that it performs better than all of the other indigenous chickens in South Africa. 

The breed was intended as a dual purpose, free ranging chicken with laying capabilities as well as a large structure for meat production.
One of the most popular free range combination meat & laying birds in South Africa! Outperforming the Ovambo, Venda and the naked neck chicken, when it comes to egg laying. Very hardy and easy to keep. If you need a good dual purpose chicken, the Potch Koekoek is probably the most economical choice.